COUCH - Casting

Couch Casting

We are now casting for the role of young Natasha.

NATASHA (18), a model – tall and thin, striking, but awkward – the type of girl that is not considered pretty by her peers, but is called beautiful by adults.

As much as I would like to consider all shapes and sizes for the role, the actress has to be believable as a model - so tall and thin. This has ruled out a number of talented actresses and means that I am doing what people once did to me - too big, too small, too shapely. When going for a part or job, actors and models open themselves up for rejection. Neither are jobs that one can feel secure in. Therefore it is important that power stays out of the casting equation . Sex should not come into it. We are promoting a #safecouch casting process. Therefore the casting of Couch is going to be as safe and transparent as possible.

If you think you are right for the role, please get in touch. There are also smaller models roles.

Thank you