DFID Trade Transparency Project

The Trade Transparency Project aims to make use of widely available but complex trade data to provide consumers with information on how trade and trade-related costs affect them.  A series of “Hack Days” took place in London, Lagos and Cape Town as part of this project to produce online and mobile applications, games and graphics aimed at making trade data more accessible to ordinary people.  DFID asked Eggplant12 Films to capture these hack days, monitor progress and evaluate how effective these events have been in developing products. 

Proximity London - The Beauty Project

Proximity London had undertaken desk research to more fully understand how women interact within the online environment in terms of beauty products.  On the back of this desk research they wanted to investigate women’s feelings around beauty and the beauty industry in more depth. Their brief to us was to delve into women’s feelings about beauty with a focus on the influence of relationships with family and friends, and what part beauty and the Beauty Industry played in building a women’s sense of identity.