In For A Guinea - A Racing Documentary

It's one thing to have a flutter on a horse. It's another thing to go out and buy one, especially if you don't have unlimited resources.

DFID Trade Transparency Project

The Trade Transparency Project aims to make use of widely available but complex trade data to provide consumers with information on how trade and trade-related costs affect them.  A series of “Hack Days” took place in London, Lagos and Cape Town as part of this project to produce online and mobile applications, games and graphics aimed at making trade data more accessible to ordinary people.  DFID asked Eggplant12 Films to capture these hack days, monitor progress and evaluate how effective these events have been in developing products. 

"Catherine has been a very thorough and professional person to work with.  She was enthusiastic about getting involved in the project and gaining a good understanding of the subject matter. Her attention to detail is reflected in the high quality of the final film."  Sumana Hussain, Economist, DFID Trade Policy Unit

Beauty and Brains

To be third-gender in Nepal means a choice of three careers; giving blessing at weddings, begging or prostitution. They are excluded from family and school, are prey to security forces, blackmail and sexual abuse. However, as Nepal attempts to write a new constitution there is a chance of change. In order to be heard above the clamour and civil unrest, the third-genders with Sunil Pant and the Blue Diamond Society embarked on the Beauty and Brains Talent Contest. This is the story of a community gaining the confidence to confront prejudice and tell society they are natural human beings.

Heart n Soul



Film  for Heart n Soul to illustrate the Beautiful Octopus Club and how the work Heart n Soul to include everyone.

"Catherine is a fantastic filmmaker. She’s been working with Heart n Soul for over six years and somehow manages to capture the spirit of the organisation and the people we work with in a way no other filmmaker has. She’s smart, insightful and a pleasure to work with. " Sandra Reynolds, Communications Officer, Heart n Soul

Proximity Beauty Project

Beauty Case Study – an example of unobtrusive filming where people feel comfortable to talk without being inhibited but knowing they are being filmed. It was made for Proximity London on a brief about finding out how women relate to beauty and the influence of social media.

Liz and Catherine are a great team to work with. They represent a unique blend of strategy, anthropology and film making that brings a refreshingly new approach to unlocking consumer insights. Liz and Catherine have brought women's real feelings about beauty to life for Proximity, and our clients in a way that transcends the focus group norm” Mark Iremonger, Head of Planning, Proximity London