Long Form

Beauty and Brains

To be third-gender in Nepal means a choice of three careers; giving blessing at weddings, begging or prostitution. They are excluded from family and school, are prey to security forces, blackmail and sexual abuse. However, as Nepal attempts to write a new constitution there is a chance of change. In order to be heard above the clamour and civil unrest, the third-genders with Sunil Pant and the Blue Diamond Society embarked on the Beauty and Brains Talent Contest. This is the story of a community gaining the confidence to confront prejudice and tell society they are natural human beings.

Beauty and Brain documentary film about a talent contests featuring the third gender participants of Nepal in the autumn of 2008. These contests were held with a purpose of achieving equal rights and opportunities for this deprived community as well as prevention and control of HIV/AIDS which is considered to be a growing epidemic among South East Asian Society. 


Heart n Seoul


Is it possible to transcend the labels stamped on us by others and to be seen how we want to be seen?

Three singers - the irrepressible Lizzie Emeh, charming Pino Frumiento and enigmatic Mark Snead - traveled to South Korea to perform at the Seoul Performing Arts Festival (SPAF) 2006 with the Heart ‘n Soul Band.

Heart ‘n Soul is a unique arts organisation where people with learning disabilities express themselves as professional singers and artists.

In South Korea disability has one category. They do not differentiate between types of disability including physical and learning, indeed they do not even have a word for learning disabilities. SPAF is an international festival of theatre and dance. They had no experience of working with groups with disabilities.

The film uses observational footage and interviews from the tour to explore how it is possible to overturn the preconceptions surrounding learning disabilities and through music create a connection across both cultural and language barriers. The result is an intimate portrait of touring where prejudices are forgotten due to the quality of the performances, music and the show.