Beauty And Brains (2010)

Feature documentary (84 minutes)

What would you do to stop rape and abuse being part of your everyday life?

To be third-gender in Nepal means a choice of three careers; giving blessing at weddings, begging or prostitution. They are excluded from family and school, are prey to security forces, blackmail and sexual abuse. However, as Nepal attempts to write a new constitution there is a chance of change. In order to be heard above the clamour and civil unrest, the third-genders with Sunil Pant and the Blue Diamond Society embarked on the Beauty and Brains Talent Contest. This is the story of a community gaining the confidence to confront prejudice and tell society they are natural human beings.

Beauty and Brain documentary film about a talent contests featuring the third gender participants of Nepal in the autumn of 2008. These contests were held with a purpose of achieving equal rights and opportunities for this deprived community as well as prevention and control of HIV/AIDS which is considered to be a growing epidemic among South East Asian Society.